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Welcome to the Digital Buddha's online store. Here you can find systems for sale in our constantly updated inventory list. The laptops we sell cost less, are like new but even better. We upgrade core components and replace faulty parts with brand new ones to ensure speed, reliability, stability and longevity. 


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Here at The Digita Buddha, we care about the laptops our customers buy and the price they pay for them. We ensure top notch quality and reliability. Each system goes through multiple rigorous phases of stress testing to ensure the health of its components. You will find our systems cost much less than any other company out there. We pride ourselelves in our choice to keep costs for our customers as low as possible. We achieve this with a simple pricing formula. We never charge more for parts than what we pay for them. We only charge an honest fee for our commitment to perfection. You will find through our passionate customer service, warrantys and transparency that we are in this business for you.

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